Mama Goes Paleo… Again


Yesterday, I had a scare with my tummy. Doubled over in pain with agonizing stomach cramps while driving the boys home. I had to pull over until the episode was over.

Today, now that Thanksgiving is over and I’m back in town, home in my own environment, I’m reevaluating my food choices. Continue reading

Welcome Ziggy!

For the longest time, Kevin (5 years old) has been asking for a dog.  But Desmond (18 months) is a HANDFUL, and I couldn’t imagine bringing another living/breathing being into this household, knowing that the majority of the responsibility would fall on my already heavily weighted shoulders since I’m the work-from-homer.

But the thought of our boys growing up with a dog lingered in our minds.

Then one day, Kevin was at my mom’s for the weekend, and we went to a new shopping center to check out a taco place because… tacos.  There was a Petco nearby, and I said, “Uhh… should we stop in?  Just to check?”  There weren’t any dogs there then, but the guy said there was an adoption event the next day.

So we went home, looked up the rescue site that was hosting the event, and stalked all of the dogs that were going to be there.  We read up on pretty much all of them.  We (mostly me) had certain criteria.  We wanted a puppy since it would easier to acclimate with our already cranky cat.  But I didn’t want a BRAND NEW puppy that hadn’t been fixed, was going to be teething hardcore (although Ziggy has lost two teeth since he’s been with us), wasn’t house trained at all.  I mean, GIVE ME A BREAK.  I’m tired enough.

So we went to this event, expecting no one to really know about it, maybe seeing ten people there.  And it was PACKED.  I’d say a couple hundred people AT LEAST were swarming the dogs, especially the puppy area.  And right at the end of the line of puppies was “Nova,” a chilled out dalmatian/pointer (so they think) mix, just sitting there mostly ignored because everyone favored the tiny baby pups.  And right when I saw him, I knew he was ours.

He had me at floppy ears.

We filled out an application but were told that many people were already pre-approved.  Damn it.  But then, the next day, we got an email to set up a phone interview.  That went well, and a home inspection was set up.  We apparently got “two paws up” for the home visit.  Then, a couple days later, Matt picked “Nova” up from his foster’s home in Arlington, VA.

Picking a name was probably one of the hardest decisions my husband and I have ever made (I mean, JK….).  I was dead set on naming him Sir Paul.  Matt wasn’t feeling it.  We eventually agreed on Ziggy.

I can’t say it’s been easy adding Ziggy into the mix.  But as far as puppies go, it’s been a BREEZE.  He’s only taken TWO DUMPS in our house (so far).  He’s great about going outside.  He’s adjusting nicely and seems very happy.

Lucy the Cat isn’t too thrilled, however, and it’s been a much harder adjustment for her.  She stays upstairs mostly, and her food, water, and litter box are all downstairs.  I’ve been worried about her, but we’re all doing our best to accommodate her until she’s fully adjusted.

I took Ziggy to his first vet visit the other day.  I knew he needed his third and final distemper shot.  But I also found out that he had tapeworms and a fungal infection in his nail beds.  Awesome.  So, he’s been on a steady regimen of meds for both.  Just call me Nurse Autumn😉

The boys are adjusting well, too.  Kevin announces daily that he loves his doggy.  Desmond is warming up.  He’s been unsure and upset when the dog wants to “kiss” or even sniff him, causing banshee-like screams.

I’ve been told on a couple occasions that I must be a glutton for punishment.  After all, we adopted Ziggy during tech week of a show I’m rehearsing for.  We open tomorrow, and with Ziggy and the children, plus not getting home until close to midnight every night, I’m not really sleeping.  He’s definitely not as bad as a newborn with waking, but he does wake one of us (or both!) somewhere between 4:30-6:30 in the morning to go out.  At least he doesn’t bark and wake up the children.  He simply nudges us awake.  It’s kind of adorable.  But honestly, I’d rather sleep.

Overall, we’re SO HAPPY to have added this handsome guy to our family.  He’s such a sweet boy, and we’re proud to call him ours❤


What’s Your ‘Why’?


I recently watched a very powerful video that said every business, to be successful, needed to have a strong WHY.

Why is it you do what you do?  What’s DRIVING you?  If your WHY isn’t strong enough, then what’s the point? Continue reading

That Pesky Nose Piercing Bump


For Mother’s Day this past year, I decided, WHAT THE HELL, I was going to treat myself to something I had been wanting to do for AGES: Get my nose pierced. Continue reading

Smiling through the workouts.


**Photo Courtesy of my almost-5-year-old.

I usually strategically plan my workouts for when Dez (16 months) is napping.  He prefers to be on my body at all times, climbing up my legs, being held, sitting on my lap.  Sometimes I’m convinced that he’s trying to get back into the womb.  So working out, especially with weights, seemed like more of a naptime activity for me.

But then I had a thought.  When I start evening rehearsals at the end of the month, how am I going to get my work done AND my workout in?  I usually use naptime and after bedtime to get those things done.  But when I start rehearsing in the evenings, everything will change.

Then I had the thought:  Working out when the kids are AWAKE, where they can SEE that Mommy is being active and that I’m doing something to make my body stronger, is a GREAT EXAMPLE for them.

While it’s important to take your workout seriously, especially FORM (I have a lot to work on in that department), it’s equally important to HAVE FUN and to show your kids that working out isn’t some super serious thing that you hate but have to do anyway because… adulting.  I can INCLUDE my boys in my workouts.  I can SMILE throughout my workouts!  It’s not torture (although Body Beast Leg Day felt like it..).  It’s a GIFT that I’m giving to myself.

So, that’s my goal: Get the workout in while the kids are awake, set an example for them, don’t take it so seriously, and HAVE FUN.

Pro Tip: Smile when you feel like giving up🙂

Mama said…

mama said

While it so nice to be able to report on the great days of Mommyhood, I think it’s equally important to share the less-than-stellar days, the ones where I know I am no longer in the running for Mom of the Year.

Today is one of those days.

Kevin is just a few short weeks away from turning FIVE.  (WHAT)  Desmond is almost 17 months.  (WHAT)

Seriously, where did the time go?

I don’t know if there’s a full moon or if this is just par for the course for their stages of development, but they are both DRVING. ME. CRAZY.  And I feel like I am quickly losing my mind.

I hate yelling.  It makes me feel small and mean and… sad.  It doesn’t help anything.

But what is a parent to do when their children only want to scream, melt down, and disobey?

We needed a change of scenery, so I took them outside.  It’s not crazy hot, and my Casper skin needed some Vitamin D.

So today during Desmond’s nap time, I am taking 30 minutes for myself and working out.  It’s all I can do.  I need the rush of endorphins.  I need to block everything out.  I need a BREAK.

Then I’ll reward myself with a cup of tea and get to work.  Fingers crossed he sleeps long enough to get everything something accomplished.

Inhale in.  Inhale out.  Sweat it out.  Glass of wine.


DIY: Cold Brew Coffee

cold brew

I do my VERY BEST to not buy coffee out.  But when Dunkin Donuts rolled out their new cold brew and I got a taste… FORGET ABOUT IT.  But at almost $4.00 for a large, I just couldn’t do it.  It adds up FAST! Continue reading