DIY: Cold Brew Coffee

cold brew

I do my VERY BEST to not buy coffee out.  But when Dunkin Donuts rolled out their new cold brew and I got a taste… FORGET ABOUT IT.  But at almost $4.00 for a large, I just couldn’t do it.  It adds up FAST! Continue reading

Waiting for that Epiphany


Long time no post, eh?

You know those quarter-mid life crises where you know you’re in a transitional period and there’s SOMETHING you’re supposed to be doing with your life but you can’t quite put your finger on it so you try out a bunch of different things and none of them work out so you end up feeling like a failure and totally discouraged?

Yeah.  Me, too. Continue reading

The Strangest Pillow I Ever Loved

You know when you go to sleep at night and you just can’t get your head in the perfect position on your pillow?  Almost like you found THE spot, but your head keeps falling to the side and won’t stay put?  And then you wake up in the morning with a sore, stiff neck?

Yeah.  Me, too. Continue reading

DIY: Makeshift Entryway Rug


With some things in life, I know exactly what I want.  But when it comes to home decor, I am incredibly indecisive.  I’m always borderline on whether I actually like something or not.  And for some reason, an entryway rug has been a HUGE decision process for me.  I know, I know.  #firstworldproblems
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