That Pesky Nose Piercing Bump


For Mother’s Day this past year, I decided, WHAT THE HELL, I was going to treat myself to something I had been wanting to do for AGES: Get my nose pierced.

It didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would.  I actually exclaimed, “THAT WAS IT?!” when it was done.  It was awesome.

It was healing well.  So well that the corkscrew bit on the inside kept twisting and hanging down out of my nose, looking like a shiny silver booger.  Not cute.

So I did some Googling, which led me back to the piercing place to “have it adjusted.”

She took the ring out, snipped it with a pair of metal clippers, and put it back in.  But when she did, it HURT.  It felt like she pushed too hard at a certain point, eliciting an “OUCH!”  But it only lasted a second, and it was over.

The problem was: the ring STILL HUNG OUT.  UGH.  THEN, a bump formed.  Nestled next to my faux diamond stud was a gross pimple-looking bump.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ME.

I tried EVERYTHING: straight tea tree oil, sea salt soaks, a fancy salt medley from Amazon that was SURE to do the trick, and apple cider vinegar, which did work after a looooong process of applying it several times a day, watching it bleed out.  Yeah.  Gross.  But it finally went away!  …only then a couple weeks later, I snagged it on a towel while washing my face, and the bump came back.

So then I thought, “Maybe I have a metal sensitivity.”  As a kid, I always had to shop in the very limited “nickel free” earrings section at Claire’s (so lame).  So, I invested in a real white gold fishtail stud.  When it arrived, it looked terrifying.  It was a long straight bar.  WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS?

I took it back to my piercer.  She did some crazy bendy thing to it, and within a couple minutes, it was in my nose hole.  She told me to dilute tea tree oil (I was too harshly using it straight up before).  So I got a little travel bottle, put in about a half-inch of water, a couple drops of oil, and shook it up.  I applied it every night after my skincare routine with a cotton swab (on the inside of the nostril, too) and let it air dry on there.  In the morning, I’d wash my face as usual.  Within a FEW DAYS, it was GONE!  HALLELU!

I really attribute the success of my healing to a better ring.  Seriously, a lot of people don’t do well with sterling silver (which shouldn’t be in a piercing anyway) or even surgical steel.  Just invest in a better ring right off the bat and save yourself the hassle.

Happy piercing!

My ring of choice on Amazon:stud


2 thoughts on “That Pesky Nose Piercing Bump

  1. Autumn, you must take after me. I had my ears pierced when I was 15 years, and my ears were so infected. The doctor said I would never be able to wear jewelry. I can only wear my watch with moleskin between the watch and my skin. Necklaces can only have the black string on it, and moleskin on my earrings. Thus, I don’t wear much of any jewelry. Love you, Grandma


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