What’s Your ‘Why’?


I recently watched a very powerful video that said every business, to be successful, needed to have a strong WHY.

Why is it you do what you do?  What’s DRIVING you?  If your WHY isn’t strong enough, then what’s the point?

A lot of people have goals like, “I want to get rich!”  Which is fine.  But is it strong enough?  Is there an emotional attachment to wealth?  Maybe.  Maybe a stronger WHY would be “I’m drowning in debt, and I want financial freedom so I can retire early and spend more time with my kids, grandkids, etc.”  That’s pretty strong. You have to be specific.

It’s like with acting.  You have to determine what your motivation is.  What does your character want?  Why?  What is she gonna do to get it?  If the stakes aren’t high enough, you might as well be aimlessly walking around stage.  (Can you tell I’m an actor?)

If the stakes aren’t high enough in your business, you won’t have the motivation and drive to push through the hard times to get to the truly amazing times and build something incredible.

I have two small boys: Kevin (almost 5 years old) and Desmond (17 months old).  Kevin is in preschool four hours every day, and Desmond is home with me.  I’ve been able to do at-home editing/proofreading work since August 2009, which has been GREAT.  I’ve been able to stay at home with my boys, saving on childcare expenses, take them to their appointments, activities, school, etc.

But after years of doing this, I realized I needed more.  I needed the opportunity to earn more of an income.  I was doing okay, but I was never going to do GREAT.  And after reading the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey in August of 2013 and starting our debt snowball, I’ve been itching to make more of an income to pay off debt even faster.  Even though we’ve been at it for a good three years already, we still have over half our debt (student loans, car, house) that I am DESPERATE to pay off.

I have no desire to be a “typical American family” with thousands of dollars of “normal debt” or “good debt” (is ANY debt “good debt”?).

I wanted to do something meaningful.  I wanted to help people.  I wanted to help myself and my family.  So, I became a Beachbody Coach.

Now, I’m able to be here for my kids indefinitely.  I’m able to build a team of AMAZING people and work with them to help THEM achieve financial freedom and personal growth.  I am beyond grateful and excited to help people reach their fitness, financial, and life goals, while they do the same.  Pay it forward!

So what is my “WHY”?  My family.  I want to do the best I possibly can for them.  These two beautiful boys and my amazingly supportive husband are my EVERYTHING.  I want to pay off our debt, have an emergency fund, fully fund their college and our retirement accounts, because I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck.  I want to buy a Winnebago and road trip across the country.  I want to have birthday parties for my kids and not feel the financial strain.

Oh, and I’m gonna take my family to Disneyworld.  It’s a big goal of mine, and I WILL achieve it.  My family deserves it ❤  We all do.  YOU do.

What’s YOUR ‘why’?

Are you ready to change your family’s life?  Want to join my team?  Click HERE and let’s talk.  Together, we can do amazing things ❤


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