Mama Goes Paleo… Again


Yesterday, I had a scare with my tummy. Doubled over in pain with agonizing stomach cramps while driving the boys home. I had to pull over until the episode was over.

Today, now that Thanksgiving is over and I’m back in town, home in my own environment, I’m reevaluating my food choices.

A few months ago, I completed the Whole30 (read about it here and here). At the time I finished the 30 days, I wasn’t super impressed.  I think I expected drastic results that just didn’t happen.  In the end, I lost about 4 lbs, which was GREAT considering I didn’t have a ton of weight to lose, but I still expected more, given all the hype.  But more importantly (and I’m just now realizing this months later), I learned a few valuable things about my body and my relationship with food.

First, I’m a bit sensitive to beef.  I can eat a giant steak with the best of ’em, but I need to keep that for a once-in-a-while treat.  Same with ground beef.  My tummy does better, and I’m less bloated, when I stick with chicken, pork, and turkey.  But I love me a big ‘ol steak 😉

Second, “dieting” shouldn’t be about counting calories.  If it is, then it’s temporary.  You count the calories until you get to your goal weight (or until you get bored with it) and stop.  Then what?  Yes, you’ve learned how to eat in moderation, but what happens when moderation slowly becomes overeating again?  Now, I’m not saying this is what happens with everyone.  I’m saying this is what happens with *me*.  Like clockwork.

In the end, what the Whole30 gave me was 1.) The freedom to eat until I was satisfied, worry-free 2.) Eat real, unprocessed food, 3.) A sense of pride in preparing my food, and 4.) The excitement of trying new recipes that I never would have before.

It’s easy!  Once you know what you can and cannot eat, once you know how to prepare snacks for on-the-go, and once you have an arsenal of go-to, easy meals, the rest is history.

All that to say, Mama is going paleo again.  But a *modified* paleo.  I’m sticking with my Vegan Chocolate Shakeology because… it’s bae.  And I’m having the occasional glass of wine because… children.

I wasn’t nearly prepared grocery-wise to start today, but I did because I don’t want to feel bloated and gross one second longer.  Today’s menu so far: Coffee (black), a banana, and two fried eggs (in coconut oil) with leftover roasted potatoes and onions (with all the hot sauce), and my favorite Christmas Tea (!!!).  Later, I’ll have my Vegan Chocolate shake.  Then for dinner, it’s pork chops, brussel sprouts, and roasted sweet potatoes and onions.  Tomorrow, I’ll go shopping and pick up some more essentials: a couple whole chickens, ground turkey, and LOTS of fresh veggies!


There are few better feelings than putting the effort into what you put in your body.  We are only blessed with one bod in this lifetime.  Might as well do right by it.


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