Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks

25 weeks

Phew!  25 Weeks!

A lot has been changing rapidly over the past few weeks, and I’m really feelin’ it.  At my last appointment a few days ago, the doc said I was measuring about a week behind, which isn’t a terrible thing.  I’m just happy to not be bigger.  My weight gain is also on track and just fine, which was a relief. Continue reading

2014 in Review

Wow.  2014 was a big year for the Hicks Fam.  Instead of writing one of those letters of all the amazing things that have happened to us throughout the year and stuffing them into Holiday cards, I thought I’d spew it out right here. Continue reading

Mission: Baby Book

babe book

You guys, I have a confession.  I never finished (or kept up with) Kevin’s baby book.  When I bought this adorable, step-by-step book to document every milestone, smile, celebration, et cetera, of Kevin’s life, I KNEW that I would be SUPERMOM and fill out every page, paste a photo to every indicated space, and Kev would have a beautiful, carefully put-together book to show his someday family (or first date). Continue reading

Reader Poll: BOY or GIRL?

baby lou ultrasound 12 weeks

Friends, December 2nd is the day I go in for my anatomy ultrasound.  Unfortunately, Matt can’t miss work, so I’m going solo during Kev’s preschool time.  I’m giving the doc a piece of paper and an envelope so he can secretly write down the gender and seal it up so Matt and I can find out together.

What do you think Baby Hicks is gonna be?

Thanksgiving in Maine 2014

maine thanksgiving

First, some stats.

The drive TO Maine:

  • Left at 5:50 A.M.  Arrived at 5:45 P.M.  Nearly 12 hours on the road.
  • Opting to take the New Jersey Turnpike and cross the George Washington Bridge in NYC, resulting in a total of $55.60 in tolls.  (It was around $40 last year!)
  • One actual meal where we got out of the car.  (Hello, Burger King!)

The drive FROM Maine:

  • Left at 6:08 A.M.  Arrived home at 8:30 P.M.  Nearly 14.5 hours on the road.
  • Took a route to avoid the NJ Turnpike and NYC, but ran into TONS of traffic due to it being one of the busiest travel days of the year.
  • Only $8.50 in tolls!
  • All food and drink was consumed in the car.
  • Whilst in bumper-to-bumper traffic, Kev had to pee.  I proceeded to guide him through peeing in a cup in the backseat.

Continue reading

Pregnancy Update: 18 Weeks

18 weeks shot

Kev: “Oh, you’ve got your froggies on.”  I’m an actual grown-up child.  Also, it’s freezing in my house because we’re too cheap to turn up the heat. Continue reading

Halloween Clearance!


You guys, we strolled through Kmart Sunday morning, and the Halloween section was calling our names.  Since it’s mid-November, all Halloween stuff was 90% OFF.  WHOA.  Of course, the aisle was VERY picked over, and it was hard to find a complete costume that wasn’t missing a mask or an accessory.  But lo and behold, Matt managed to find this infant/toddler pumpkin outfit, complete with Pumpk, Hat and Feetsies.

And at 90% off, we snagged this bad boy for $2.50 (originally $25!).

We were really looking for dress up clothes for Kev, but we didn’t find anything worthwhile.  So now, Baby Lou 2 is set for his/her first (and maybe even second..) Halloween.