What’s Your ‘Why’?


I recently watched a very powerful video that said every business, to be successful, needed to have a strong WHY.

Why is it you do what you do?  What’s DRIVING you?  If your WHY isn’t strong enough, then what’s the point? Continue reading

Favorite One-Year-Old Gifts

one year old gifts

I’m not one to really share what we get or give as gifts.  I don’t post photos of the Christmas tree loaded with gifts.  I don’t show off the *stuff* my kids get for their birthdays because A.) we don’t get them a lot of stuff, and B.) not cool, bro. Continue reading

The 2016 White House Easter Egg Roll


This year, we were lucky enough to win the White House Easter Egg Roll Lottery!  Thousands enter each year, and thousands are selected.  It baffles me, seeing how many people are actually at the Egg Roll, and knowing how many people still don’t get in each year.  It seriously felt like the entirety of America was crammed onto the South Lawn of the White House.. Continue reading