Mama Goes Paleo… Again


Yesterday, I had a scare with my tummy. Doubled over in pain with agonizing stomach cramps while driving the boys home. I had to pull over until the episode was over.

Today, now that Thanksgiving is over and I’m back in town, home in my own environment, I’m reevaluating my food choices. Continue reading

Warm Hearts: The Benefit Cabaret

warm hearts

As a lady performer, it’s hard times being pregnant, in that there aren’t too many performing opportunities, not to mention when you’ll have an opportunity after birth.  It causes a little anxiety. Continue reading

It’s beginning to look a lot like…


We’ve never really decorated.  Up until a year ago, we’ve always lived in apartments, and for some reason, since it felt so temporary, I never had the desire to decorate.  Plus, we’re never home for Christmas, so we never had a proper tree (except for our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, of course).

This year, we started the tradition of putting up a tree and decorating it as a family, while streaming the Pandora Christmas music station on the TV via Chromecast. We bought this one from Amazon a few months ago when it was on sale.

IMG_6418 Continue reading

Christmust? Augmas?


I recently went thrifting at the Montgomery County Humane Society’s Wagging Tails Thrift Store.  I had never been there before, and it was HUGE.  If you’re in the DC metro area, it’s well worth a visit. Continue reading