Mama Goes Paleo… Again


Yesterday, I had a scare with my tummy. Doubled over in pain with agonizing stomach cramps while driving the boys home. I had to pull over until the episode was over.

Today, now that Thanksgiving is over and I’m back in town, home in my own environment, I’m reevaluating my food choices. Continue reading


I recently had a convo with a fellow mommy friend who really got me thinking about this topic and inspired this post.

You might wonder what a “typical” day in the life of a work-from-home-mom is like.  In truth, there is no “typical” day.  Every day is a challenge with its own struggles, but the goal is always the same: Get. Shit. Done.

With that being said, I’ll try to describe my standard day:

7:30-8:00 WAKE UP!  Matt’s getting ready to leave for work.  So if I can, I’ll make him some breakfast; but usually, he just grabs some yogurt and heads out the door.  Feed the cat.  Feed Kevin.  Drink two cups of coffee.  Feed myself.

Now, I can officially start the day.

Set up Kev with the TV (usually the Sprout channel), while I do the dishes/clean the kitchen (because I usually don’t have energy at night to load the dishwasher).  Then I sneak upstairs to *try* to get some work done.  Kev quickly realizes I’m not in the living room, so he comes upstairs to keep me from working.  We do Play-Doh or watch TV or play hide-and-seek from the monster (?).  I clean something else in the midst of “playing” to feel productive.


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