2016 Reflections & 2017 Resolutions


This has been a year of all things: great, challenging, and new.

This year, I had the honor of being a part of the remount production of You, or Whatever I Can Get with Flying V and the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts.  It was a small but significant (added-for-the-remount) role that was the perfect transition back into the theatre world after having Dez.


Photo by Ryan Maxwell Photography

I became a Beachbody Coach at the end of August.  I’ve learned that although I know that the products and programs are amazing and they work, people have a hard time investing in their health and wellness.  Their kids, ALWAYS (hey, I get it!).  But themselves, it takes an epiphany or a really “down” period for that a-ha! moment to hit.


I got the chance to play a GREAT role in an innovative production of The Who’s Tommy.  Open Circle Theatre’s mission is to create opportunities for and spread awareness about actors with disabilities.  This production incorporated American Sign Language, and opened my eyes to an entire deaf culture that I (embarrassingly) had no clue existed.  The experience sparked a desire to learn ASL and get the learning process going for a possible new life path.  We’ll see!


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This doesn’t usually happen, but just one month after closing Tommy, I started rehearsals for a brand spankin’ new world premiere play, Mack, Beth! at The Keegan Theatre.  It’s a modern day version of the Scottish play, AND my first play-play since moving to the DC area in September of 2008 (aside from readings).  The cast is amazing, and I am THRILLED to be back at Keegan after too long of a hiatus.

Matt played a role that was very different than anything he’s ever done and NAILED IT.  (I had no doubts.)  He also got a promotion at work recently because he’s super smart and awesome.  (Also, no doubts.)


Photo by Cameron Whitman Photography

Kevin is in his last year of preschool.  His handwriting, although crazy messy, is getting better.  He’s starting to read and sound out small words.  I don’t work with him nearly enough (#momfail), but regardless, he’s excelling in his school, and I’m grateful for his teachers.


Desmond had been working with the Infants & Toddlers program for a possible speech delay.  We worked with them for about 7ish months.  I was never worried.  I knew he would speak when he was ready.  But just to be safe, we got services every couple weeks.  I learned a lot about “teaching” him to play (never thought I’d need that, but alas, I did) and how to help him develop his speech.  We recently stopped services as I didn’t think he really needed them anymore, and his vocabulary is really taking off.  Soon, he’ll be talking nonstop like his big bro.


On the last day of the 2016, we lost Matt’s grandpa who had been battling cancer for about a year.  He was one tough guy, and he had a special bond with Kevin.  Matt was able to drive to Ohio on New Year’s Eve to be with our family and pay his respects to the man that raised him.  I’m so very grateful he was able to go.


But now, on to 2017.

I have high hopes for this year.  And I have very specific resolutions… because ain’t nobody got time for broad, generic sh*t.

  • Pay off one particular loan that drives me BANANAS.  Both because debt is terrible AND the customer service at this place is literally the worst.  Rude as hell people.  The thought of paying interest to them makes me wanna puke.  So, they’re the first to go this year.
  • Workout: Weights 3x/week & yoga 3x/week — see?  Specific.
  • One blog post/week.  Eeeeks!  Hopefully I’ll have enough to share to fulfill this one.
  • Learn ASL.  At the very least, the basics.  Enough to have a rough convo.
  • Start the prerequisite course-taking process.  “For what?” — you might be thinking.  I have been feeling a strong pull to go back to school and pursue a Master’s.  I think I’ve *finally* figured out in WHAT, but there are many prerequisite classes to take before even beginning the Master’s program.  More on that later 😉
  • Live simpler.  Just… less stuff.  Less commitments.  Saying “no” when I really don’t wanna.  Less clutter.  Less stress.  Stop overthinking.
  • Badass tattoo.  Because I want one.  That’s all.

Again, 2017 — HIGH HOPES.  It’ll be busy.  I have a lot to do, a lot to work towards.  But by living simpler and paring down on the unnecessary things in life, I can do it.


Photo by Monika Karnani



2014 in Review

Wow.  2014 was a big year for the Hicks Fam.  Instead of writing one of those letters of all the amazing things that have happened to us throughout the year and stuffing them into Holiday cards, I thought I’d spew it out right here. Continue reading

2014 resolutions.

Okay, so I know January is almost over, but I finally figured out what my New Year’s Resolutions are for this year.

1.) Make More.  I’m a huge fan of DIY, and I would much rather try to replicate a high-end piece of furniture from a thrift store find than pay a ridiculous amount for name brand, but this resolution goes beyond that.  This year, I want to grow my own veggies and herbs (container style) as much as humanly possible.  This might not be possible until we’re able to fence in our yard, with the crazy number of deer lurking around, not to mention a strict Homeowner’s Association.  But it will be done, and it will be awesome.

I want to start making bread.  We go through a lot of it, and it’s not cheap.  So by making my own bread, I’ll save the family a few bucks a month and feel like a regular Betty Crocker.

And lastly, since I’ve been on a huge unsweet iced tea kick, I want to start brewing my own iced tea at home.  Right now, Dunkin’ Donuts has their 99 cents special going on, so I’ve been running there frequently for a large-unsweet-tea-with-light-ice, but once that special is over, ain’t no way I’m shelling out my “personal money” for tea.  Any good bread and/or tea recipes out there??

2.) Debt Snowball.  If you read my post on our Total Money Makeover, you know that I read and re-read Dave Ramsey’s best-selling get-out-of-debt book and jumped into the program head first.  Yes, buying a house set us back a bit, but our Excel spreadsheet budget is still in place, and we’re slowly picking up momentum with our debt payoff once again.  And thanks to an upcoming tax return, we should make a small but significant dent within the next couple months.  Amen.

3.)  “Me Time”:  As a mother, it’s hard to think of putting myself first.  There’s always something that needs to be done for the kid, the house, the job, the show, etc.  At the end of the day, there’s hardly any time for myself.  My to-do list is always a mile long, and it grows as the day goes on.  But I like being busy.  I like feeling productive.  But I need to remember that it’s okay to take a 20-minute bath or read a chapter of a book or run to the store by myself without feeling guilty or that I’m wasting valuable time.  “Me Time” is OKAY.  And necessary.

4.)  Listen to my body:  I am a constant abuser of my own body.  That’s hard to admit, but I always have been.  I overwork myself, over-commit to things, and overall think it’s perfectly normal to do everything possible in a day on very little sleep.  Well, that needs to stop.  Too bad it took a terribly herniated disc in my back, causing nerve damage in my leg, potentially requiring surgery, to finally listen to my body and realize that I am not, in fact, Superwoman, and I cannot do EVERYTHING.  If I need to rest, by all means, rest.  I can’t feel guilty for napping when Kev naps if I need it.  That’ll be a tough pill to swallow, but it’s 2014, y’all, and it’s time to take care of myself.

5.)  And finally, live in the moment and be grateful.  Like I wrote in my last post, we tend to take for granted the times we feel physically well.  My goal is to truly appreciate the times my body feels great, by working out, taking Kevin for walks or to play outside, and enjoying the company I’m with.