Smiling through the workouts.


**Photo Courtesy of my almost-5-year-old.

I usually strategically plan my workouts for when Dez (16 months) is napping.  He prefers to be on my body at all times, climbing up my legs, being held, sitting on my lap.  Sometimes I’m convinced that he’s trying to get back into the womb.  So working out, especially with weights, seemed like more of a naptime activity for me.

But then I had a thought.  When I start evening rehearsals at the end of the month, how am I going to get my work done AND my workout in?  I usually use naptime and after bedtime to get those things done.  But when I start rehearsing in the evenings, everything will change.

Then I had the thought:  Working out when the kids are AWAKE, where they can SEE that Mommy is being active and that I’m doing something to make my body stronger, is a GREAT EXAMPLE for them.

While it’s important to take your workout seriously, especially FORM (I have a lot to work on in that department), it’s equally important to HAVE FUN and to show your kids that working out isn’t some super serious thing that you hate but have to do anyway because… adulting.  I can INCLUDE my boys in my workouts.  I can SMILE throughout my workouts!  It’s not torture (although Body Beast Leg Day felt like it..).  It’s a GIFT that I’m giving to myself.

So, that’s my goal: Get the workout in while the kids are awake, set an example for them, don’t take it so seriously, and HAVE FUN.

Pro Tip: Smile when you feel like giving up 🙂

Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks // False Labor

39 weeks

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Kids & Technology


Picture this:  Kevin is around 18 months old, and the three of us are walking through JCPenney in the mall.  Kev is in his stroller, holding my iPhone and swiping through photos and/or playing a game.  An older woman stops us and says, “Oh my goodness!  He’s so young, and he knows how to use that?  I don’t even know how to use one!”

But that’s the way it is these days, huh?  Kids of Kev’s generation will never know life before the Internet and smart phones.  Technology has come so far even from my childhood.  Raise your hand if you remember waiting patiently for dial-up!

Although I’ve seen a lot of articles and posts on Facebook about not allowing children to sit in front of the TV or computer or GameBoy or tablet, whatever, I think it’s incredible what our children can do with these devices, and I welcome it.

Granted, I would not allow Kev to play video games or watch endless hours of mindless television just because he wants to.  (Unless we’re road trippin’.  Then all bets are off.)  But iPads, iPhones, Leap Pads and laptops, I’m all for it.

Kev has the Leap Pad 2, a generous Christmas gift from family, and he loves it.  It teaches fine motor skills with using the stylus pen.  And there are countless games and activities so he won’t lose interest.

His laptop (aka my old, run-down laptop) is also a Godsend.  His “desk” is right next to mine, so while I’m working, he’s usually watching some sort of strange YouTube video or episode of a TV show.  He’s working on his motor skills with the mouse.  When he first started using a large, adult-size mouse, he was having a lot of trouble, so we ordered the CTMO Computer Mouse, specially designed as a “training mouse” for toddlers, and we LOVE it.  With only one button, it’s made our lives (and Kev’s) much easier.

Of course, I make sure Kev gets his fair share of outside play and fresh air.  But technology know-how can only help him as he gets older.

Kids with Glasses

My son, Kevin, is 3.5 months shy of his THIRD BIRTHDAY.  WHAT?  And he’s been wearing glasses now for a month. I’ve had a few people, friends and strangers, ask me recently, “How’s he doing with the glasses?”  So, I thought I’d post an update.

kev with glasses

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